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Cairns Electrical Wholesalers

Featured Products

CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems give you 24/7 peace of mind that your property and assets are constantly monitored.  Cairns Electrical Wholesalers offers the latest in camera technology with 1080p resolution providing a crystal clear video. Convenient features remote monitoring via your smartphone are standard in our systems.  Come in and speak with our CCTV Surveillance System experts today!

View our range of CCTV Surveillance Systems


RCD’s ( Residual Current Devices )

Cairns Electrical Wholesalers supply a large range of RCD’s ( Residual Current Devices) and RCCB ( Residual Current Circuit Breakers) for a wide range of uses from Domestic to Commercial applications.

 Draw upon our years of experience and up-to-date knowledge in help choosing the best RCD for the job.



At Cairns Electrical Wholesalers we stock a large range of capacitors for varying uses:  

  • Motor start capacitors
  • Electrolyte capacitors
  • Power capacitors
  • Medium voltage capacitors
  • Multi-purpose capacitors

Our team can advise on the best capacitor for your application.  Come and talk to the capacitor experts!